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Manning Road to Mill Drove to Manning Road - Circular Walk 

Duration - Approximately 35 - 45 mintutes

Distance - Appoximately 2.25 km


Start - corner of Manning Road and Stanton Close

Walk down Stanton Close heading to the gate at the end of the grassy area which leads to Blackthorn Way.

Bear left on Blackthorn Way and there is a public footpath sign with a convenient bin. Take this path.

Bear right along the fence line and over the wooden bridge.

Turn left into the fields. Keep walking!

Path ends abruptly onto Mill Drove, take care as there is no foot path and the road is a 60 limit.

Turn left.

Turn left onto Arnhem way.

Turn left onto Lonsdale Grove and onto the public footpath. (There is another bin down this path) I believe this is part of the old railway line.

Bear left and over footbridge again this time turn right.

Keep walking! This path comes back out onto Manning Road.


The foot path is maintained during the year so sometimes it can be a little overgrown. It can get quite 'claggy' in wet weather. The path is also a bit more tricky as it narrows towards Mill Drove.

Flora and Fauna

Although arable land there is also a good mix of flowers, including poppies Occasionally a white egret, a kingfisher and birds of prey can be seen.


Please note that the path runs alongside a field of livestock at the Mill Drove end.

The path ends abruptly onto Mill Drove.

Be careful during harvest season with large machinery in the fields

What is good about this walk is that because it is Lincolnshire flat and straight you can see other people approaching. There is not much litter around either. There is also the opportunity to walk further towards Dyke, cut the walk in half or go towards the park on Recreation Road.

Please respect the countryside and clear up after your dog. Your dog should be kept under control and all times

Please note The Crate Escape takes no responsibility for any incidents that occur on this route and information was as accurate as possible on the date written.